A week in Portugal - February 2019

This winter, I was lucky enough to get to travel to Portugal with my architectural design studio. We set out to experience the culture we would be designing for as well as see all that Portugal has to offer. These were all shot in Porto and Lisbon on various 35mm film stocks. Hopefully you can feel just how rich the culture is through these visuals (short film made for extra effect - enjoy!)

A winter on the road

Over winter break, we decided to make the trek from Austin to Phoenix, and then too Nevada as well to visit family for the holidays. Shot on 120 and 35mm in expired stocks all over Texas, New Mexico, Phoenix, and Nevada - here’s to putting miles on your car and eating unhealthy amounts of diner food.

M&M's - From Austin to Amarillo

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Madi and I took a road trip up north to get away from all the distractions and noise in the city. The photos from our drive have become this photo book compiled of images taken along the road. Each of its 60 pages acts as a conversation between us and our different perspectives of the same locations, all shot on both 35mm and medium format film. We call it M&m’s (ya’ll get it). The book can be found and purchased in its entirety here.

Night Drive

As a natural light photographer, I’ve often shied away from shooting at night, and it has something I’ve always seen as daunting and unattainable. Recently, however, with the support of those around me I’ve started facing these challenges and pushing myself to learn the art of night photography. Here are some of my favorite shots, all taken on expired 35mm Fujicolor film.

Nu Wave's Birthday

The only place to be on a Saturday night turned one over the weekend! Super proud of the homie Joaquin. The rest of the images captured can be found in Nu Wave’s zine (coming soon!).

Marfa - Cherry On Top

Spent the week in Marfa for the Cherry On Top Festival. A week of inspiration, bad ass woman, and Marfa landscape. Shot on 35mm and disposables.

Boy; Pretty

Encompassing 6 months of photography and dialogue, this showcase aimed to be the first (hopefully) of many more conversations exploring the gray area within our current society.

A compilation of the images from the show as well as others can be found here.

With the ideas of masculinity changing, “Boy; Pretty” started as a conversation stemming from the effects of toxic masculinity on the new generation of men. Through digital and analog photography, modern masculinity is explored from behind a female lens, allowing men from many different underrepresented backgrounds and ethnicities the chance to breakdown the walls society has placed around them, and capturing them in their purest form. As an artist, I am interested in what it means to be a man in today’s world, with the pressures of old-fashioned societal rules and a new era of men who are nurturing a new perspective. Focused on empowering instead of exploiting and creating a platform to expand the mindset on an important and ongoing conversation.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.02.17 AM.png

In Praise of Shadows

“We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates...Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.” 

- Jun'ichiro Tanizaki ; In Praise of Shadows

SXSW 2018

A collection of images taken during SXSW Spring 2018. 

Artists pictured (in order): Gus Dapperton, Snoh Aalegra, Topaz Jones, JPEG Mafia, Knox Fortune, Buddy, Mack, Injury Reserve


A Day in Dallas

2 AM wake up call to Dallas; a day filled with art and creativity. 


A long weekend in Phoenix with friends. 

(Last image taken by Francisco Rosales)