Piestewa Peak Library - Standing Out by Fitting In

Drawing from Robert Smithson’s earth installations, the piestewa peak library, sits into the earth, a shard of glass slicing the rock. Using a mix of one-way glass and raw stainless steel, the overhang replicates the sky in front of it, while blending into the mountain behind; allowing the many hikers of this peak further enjoyment of the mountain, without the interruption of the man made. Inside, exposed rock moves along a curving back wall, paying homage to the buildings inspiration. The rest of the building, using board form concrete and exposed structure, mimics the rugged aesthetic of the mountain it sits within.

Project: Public Service

Year: Fall 2015

Professor: Claudio Vekstein

Inspired by the structure of Norman Foster’s Free University Library, a column grid is set up, allowing the form of the library to be independent of the structure, as well as helping to divide the program elements without physical walls.